Art Galleries

GraphicDimensions Gallery


Three dimensional original designs by artist Paul Chase. Sculptures in metal, glass, wood, concrete and stone – 10″ to 10′

Silk Six-String Abstracts Galley

The Silk Six-String Abstracts offer a new interpretation of the Guitar-or is it just a beautiful design? Each painting is enhanced with splashes of embedded silk for a textural treat…and six lines or are they “strings?”

VineYardGuitars Gallery

VineYardGuitars combine the romance of music and fine wine, the guitar and art. Many of the originals have actual guitars embedded in the panel and then are painted over for a fresh, vibrant 3 dimensional exhibit.

WesternVisions Gallery

WesternVisions come from Paul’s experience in the west. Paul lived in Montana for many years and recently became a close friend of the horse…and all the details of riding. Of course-the cowboy and his guitar!

GraphicGuitars Gallery

The GraphicGuitars Gallery contains hundreds of images of the guitar. Each began as an original in various media-Watercolor, color pencil, collage, airbrush, pencil, markers, acrylic, enamel, oil paint and splashes of duct tape, rusty metal, and cut paper.

ArchitecturalVisions Gallery


ArchitecturalVisions are Paul’s newest addition to his creative passion. Large format paintings of landscapes and buildings. Oil paint and acrylic paint are applied to the canvas ranging in sizes from 5×20″ to 5×5 feet. The environment will never be the same.

WaterColor Gallery

The WaterColor Gallery reveals some the artists roots. Early paintings that are still a favorite. Paul loves to attack the technique of watercolor painting and create places in the world around, and places in the heart.

GraphicVisions Gallery

The definition:

graph-ic (graf’ik), adj. belonging to painting or drawing, picturesque.

visions: (vizh’ens), n. of, or having the nature of , a vision or visions. Seen, or as if seen, in a vision; unreal.

“Visions of what is real, yet simplified into whimsical unreality. Pictures of what could be… yet graphic designs of non-existent colorful lyrics.” This unique art has found a place within us that draws our thoughts away from everyday reality into “graphic visions!” The artist’s landscape style has developed over the years offering an innovative interpretation of local environment. A combination of reality and fantasy that demands our thoughts, yet offers a vision of a place we have seen—and where we can rest.